ICONS was formed from a chance meeting of Frosty da Know-Matic and Ech-U-Sketch back in the early 90’s. Although they were just two MC’s that were doling out verbal beat downs to all that approach the stage in weekly MC battles they felt a mutual respect for each other from the start.

Originally part of a bigger collective known as The Glasshouse, Frosty and Sketch broke away and started working together as a duo. Always being told that they were the “Icons” of their crew they took that inspiration along with the four key elements of Hip-Hop and formed what is now know as San Diego’s most legendary Hip-Hop group: ICONS.

Knowing that you can’t have a proper stage show in the Hip-Hop world without a DJ, Frosty and Sketch employed the services of two up and coming DJ’s, Syko and H.O.P. Using their diverse turntable skills Syko and H.O.P. provided the back drop for Frosty and Sketch’s sharp and witty lyrics. Together these four ICONS set out to take the Hip-Hop world by storm.

What Legends Are Made Of

What Legends Are Made Of

Wasting no time they dropped their debut album What Legends Are Made Of… With head nodding beats supplied by San Diego’s finest producer Steve Vicious and Sketch himself, this album was a straight forward in your face verbal assault showing just how skilled these two MCs were. Songs like “Battle, Battle” and “Fools W/ No Rhyme Skills” let the Hip-Hop world know just exactly what they were here to do while the first single “Peanut Butta Skies” gave listeners something fun to vibe too and chant along with at shows. “Bombay” was their instant party starter and never left anyone sitting down when performed. It was the perfect introduction to what would be a very strong catalog.

Capture the Flag was their sophomore LP and there was no slump here. Capturing a San Diego Music Award and taking them all over the world from Hawaii to Japan, this album let everyone know who this “Fantastic 4” really was. Although DJ Syko had to travel his own path in the DJ world his void was filled by his long time friend DJ Demon who fit in perfectly keeping the symmetry of two MCs and two DJs. “Like Never Before” showed they could keep the party going and “Pounds of Respect” gave notice to all fake crews and MCs what it takes to really get the props you deserve.

This album also showcased the talent San Diego had to offer by featuring 28 of the city’s dopest MCs on one final group track, because if there’s anything ICONS know is that you have to give to get. And even though they were out to prove their dominance they always gave back to the culture.

Riding high on the success of Capture the Flag, Icons dropped what most fans consider their favorite LP and the completion of their original trilogy in Needlesmicscanslinoleum. The title was a play on words of their now iconic logo. This album was released as a double album with the second disc serving as a launching pad for their collective of up and coming MCs know as the Armada. Now having proved their skill and ability to drop classics, ICONS were free to have fun and let their talents shine through on songs like the album opener “Fresh From the West”, a dizzying barrage of lyrics over what can only be described as a beat made in the future and brought back to show the world what’s to come. “Super Bowl City” was an ode to their hometown and gave everyone a taste of where they come from and how they are now the ICONS of the city. It was ICONS at their most commercial success.

After years of worldwide underground fame from their trilogy of Hip-Hop albums ICONS were ready for the next chapter of their career, but this one was to be short lived. Starting with The Prelude, this album was set to be a teaser for what was going to be their second collection of albums. But as people grow up they can sometimes grow apart and DJ H.O.P. felt it was his time to pursue his solo ventures and left the ICONS now down to three, a number they weren’t accustomed to. So with DJ Demon as their lone DJ, the trio put out The Prelude which received well by fans but never got the right push to take it to the next level and this lead to the album of a compilation of unreleased tracks even with neck snapping bangers like “Get ‘Em” and “Track Sinister”. But what this album really did was serve as social commentary on the state of the blinged out, money hungry Rap industry that was slowly losing its identity. “Radio” and “The Truth” let people know how Hip-Hop had lost its roots and needed to be shown the way back while “Promises” found ICONS at their most introspective state. In the end The Prelude didn’t serve as the beginning of the next chapter but a possible end to the ICONS legacy.

Following The Prelude, Icons went through artistic differences and went their own ways leaving a void in the San Diego Hip-Hop scene that laid dormant for many years after. With fans reminiscing about the ICONS heyday in clubs and Hip-Hop circles around the city Frosty and Sketch felt the itch to once again grab a mic and give the people what they were calling for. Once again knowing that no Hip-Hop group is complete without a DJ, Frosty and Sketch hooked up with local club favorite DJ’s K-Swift and Qooleekid.

The duo have been rockin’ clubs and shows all over San Diego and were a perfect fit to once again keep the hit making formula that is ICONS, two MCs and two DJs. Now in 2013 ICONS are releasing their latest EP, Not a Scratch On Us, letting the world know that no matter what trials and tribulations they’ve been through they still came out unscathed.

With a renewed hunger for rockin’ a mic and showing the world what being an icon really is, ICONS are back and better than ever and here to show you that